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Summer Solstice Craft Shows provides applications for those who wish to apply for our shows.  We include applications for all three shows in the single download, and the application is in PDF format.  If your printer is so equipped to perform double-sided printing, we encourage you to use this facility as a "green" gesture.  If not, then just print them out on single sheets.

Are you having problems downloading the PDF file?  You may not have a PDF reader installed on your computer or you may be experiencing other problems with your web browser. Before doing anything else, please try our test. Test to see if you have a PDF Reader.  If you do not receive a "thumbs up" message, then you may need to download a PDF document reader to view and/or print out our applications.

In case your computer does not have a PDF reader, Adobe provides a free copy of Adobe Reader for you to download.  Download FREE PDF reader from Adobe if needed.  If you continue to experience problems we advise you to consult your technical support person.

Please read and follow all the instructions in our applications.

All submitted photos will become the property of the Summer Solstice and League of Maine Craft Shows for their use in any promotional material.

 For more information, please call Darr Littlefield, Show Director, at (207) 646-5172 or .

Summer Solstice Craft Shows
P.O. Box 99
Moody, Maine 04054
Call  207 646-5172